prototypes of my 3D printed pokemon designs ft. snorlax

diglett was the first one i ordered, before i figured out how to print in color, so it was originally white until i painted it. all the rest came out great, besides mudkip being top heavy and its eyes being faded (fixed with paint) and tropius being a bit lopsided. i’m going to fix those things now and make another post with the links to them once they are 100% perfect

until then you can look at these and the rest of my pokemon designs here and have them printed out yourself if you like them!

i’m definitely going to be making more of these guys and i’ll be posting wips and final products here so follow to see more!!


NASA Engineer Set to Complete First 3-D-Printed Space Cameras.



By the end of September, NASA aerospace engineer Jason Budinoff is expected to complete the first imaging telescopes ever assembled almost exclusively from 3-D-manufactured components. “As far as I know, we are the first to attempt to build an entire instrument with 3-D printing,” said Budinoff, …

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